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Ways to contribute

Godot LuaAPI is, and will always be, a free and open source project. While the bulk of the work is being done by WeaselGames, we welcome any help we can get maintaining the project. If you are interested in contributing, here are several ways you can:

  • By using LuaAPI. Contributing does not exclusively mean making code changes. One of the best ways to help out is to simply use the addon. While we try our best to verify functionality and cover most use cases, there will always be something we overlook, be it an unforeseen use case or a bug that managed to slip through the cracks. By reporting these issues, you help us out tremendously.
  • Documentation. Another huge area you could help is documentation. We currently have two separate forms of documentation. There is the in engine XML based documentation located here. This documentation we only aim to cover basic definitions and descriptions in. Additionally, we have wiki, based off of MkDocs and mike. It uses markdown text files to generate our static wiki site which is hosted via github pages. You can find the source for it here.
  • Bug Fixes/Additions. For those who are more eager to make a direct contribution, we also accept help maintaining the code its self. It's fine to just send in a PR. But it would probably be a good idea to discuss what you would like to do first in the Weasel Games Discord, just in case its a change we are not interested in or is already being worked on. If you plan on making code changes, please also see Development Environment