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Godot LuaAPI v2.1

Godot LuaAPI logo

Art created by Alex

This is a Godot addon that adds Lua API support via GDScript, C# or GDExtension. Importantly this is NOT meant to be a replacement for or alternative to GDScript. This addon provides no functionality to program your game out of the box. This addon allows you to create custom Modding API's in a sandboxed environment. You have control of what people can and can not do within that sandbox.

To use you can either Compile from source or you can download one of the nightly builds.

By default the Lua print function is set to print to the GDEditor console. This can be changed by exposing your own print function as it will overwrite the existing one.


  • Run Lua directly from a string or a text file.
  • Push any Variant as a global.
  • Call Lua functions from GDScript.
  • Choose which libraries you want Lua to have access to.
  • Custom LuaCallable type which allows you to get a Lua function as a Callable.
  • LuaError type which is used to report any errors this addon or Lua run into.
  • LuaThread type which creates a Lua thread. This is not a OS thread but a coroutine.
  • Object passed as userdata.
  • Objects can override most of the Lua metamethods. I.E. __index by defining a function with the same name.
  • Callables passed as userdata, which allows you to push a Callable as a Lua function.
  • Basic types are passed as userdata (currently: Vector2, Vector3, Color, Rect2, Plane) with a useful metatable. If a feature is missing that you would like to see feel free to create a Feature Request or submit a PR.

For discussion related to this project feel free to join the Weasel Games Discord.