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This is the default LuaObjectMetatable used by the LuaAPI class as the object_metatable value. It provides v2.0 like funcinality in regards to Object metamethod overides.

By default all fields/methods will be allowed on an object, if the object defines a lua_fields method, the array of field names it returns will be treated as a blacklist. If permissive is changed to false, it will be treated as a whitelist instead.

Before any value is returned or any metamethod is called, this metatable will first see if the object defines a method with the same name as the metamethod. If it does, that will be called instead with the normal lua arguments you expect, plus referance to the LuaAPI object as the first argument.


By default every field and method is available to Lua. You can limit what Lua has access to by defining either the lua_fields() method, which must return an Array of the names of fields/methods. By default this array is treated as a blacklist of blocked methos. If you set permissive to true, it will be treated as a whitelist. The other way to limit access is by defining the __index() method, which takes reference to the LuaAPI and a string of the field being requested by Lua. You can then return any value you please to lua.


permissive Bool

When set to true all methods will be allowed on Objects be default and lua_fields is treated as a blacklist. When set to false, lua_fields is treated as a whitelist.

Default value is true.